How CONNECTi Works

Enable HyFlex in any classroom by leveraging the PC to connect your AV tools with your UC and lecture capture platforms.

CONNECTi fills the gap between UC and Teaching Spaces

Connect physical teaching tools to your UC calls.

CONNECTi ingests USB video sources including HDMI-to-USB capture appliances and presents them as standard application windows. This enables the educator to share physical video sources with remote students in the same way they share their desktop or other applications.

Enable lecture capture & UC at the same time.

A fundamental challenge to HyFlex is supporting UC and lecture capture at the same time as the camera source is usually held captive by the UC client. CONNECTi captures any camera sources and distributes them to multiple applications concurrently allowing UC and lecture capture to operate alongside each other.

Single click content control.

With both physical and digital sources available on the Windows toolbar, the educator is able to simply select their desired content and present to both the in-classroom student and the remote student without having to undertake additional source swtiching and sharing.

3 steps to transform your classroom into a HyFlex learning space

Leverage the PC already within your learning space to connect your video sources to your UC and lecture capture applications. Configure the behaviour in 3 simple steps and you’re up and running.

Source Mapping

Map all of your video sources to individual Virtual Camera ID's.

Enable Streaming

Set selected video sources to “Stream” to enable them to be selected by software applications i.e. UC client and lecture capture.

Set Preview Window

Set selected video sources to “Preview window” to enable selected sources to be available as selectable application windows for sharing on the desktop and/or UC client.

You are done!

Start sharing your physical teaching tools and cameras across multiple applications including UC!

Watch to learn more about how CONNECTi works in 2 mins

Introducing CONNECTi Cloud Beta

Provision & manage your enterprise’s CONNECTi deployment.

CONNECTi Cloud is included in both CONNECTi Trial and CONNECTi Subscription.

Good for today, great for tomorrow

CONNECTi Cloud is consistently evolving to produce more value for our enterprise customers who see value in freeing their enterprise from proprietary management and support systems.

License Management

Register all of your CONNECTi licenses into one central location. Add, relocate and remove licenses to suit your needs.

Event Logs

View CONNECTi system events for troubleshooting and support.

Enterprise Architecture

CONNECTi Cloud can be deployed on-prem or in our AWS cloud to support enterprise requirements including geographic instances and high availability.

Full Roadmap

CONNECTi Cloud is currently developing a full roadmap to include provisioning, 3rd party device management and monitoring, API integration and dashboards.


What operating systems are supported?

Windows 10

What are the recommended system requirements?
  • Processor: Intel i7 Series
  • Memory: 16gb RAM
  • Discrete graphics 4gb VRAM
  • Disk space: 350mb

View full technical specifications

How many sources can I manage with CONNECTi?

CONNECTi supports up to 5 video sources.

What types of input video sources are supported?

CONNECTi supports any UVC (USB Video Class) compliant device which outputs YUY2.*

CONNECTi also supports NDI HX streams and NDI full streams (NDI HX requires additional NDI HX driver installation on PC).

*Integrated webcams are not currently supported.

How do end users see CONNECTi vs administrators?

CONNECTi is architected with a configurator and a service.

CONNECTi administrators will use the configurator application to set up and configure CONNECTi virtual camera and preview settings. Once this is done it is set for all users of the PC.

End users will see any set preview windows for input sources, but will not access the configurator application.

Can I set CONNECTi preview windows to minimised on login?

Yes, you can choose to have CONNECTi preview windows minimised or maximised each time a user logs in. See Preview Window Settings.