As a true SaaS offering, CONNECTi enables universities and schools to dynamically adapt their classrooms to new and emerging teaching trends such as HyFlex whilst benefiting from a flexible consumption model.

A Full Future Roadmap

We’re working on a full roadmap of software releases over the next 12 months to deliver more value inside and outside the classroom.

High quality and open standard video streaming

Avoid the challenge (and cost) of proprietary distance transport devices. Stream and receive high quality & low latency video direct to and from your PC via your network.

Network Based Audio Integration

CONNECTi will integrate with Dante other network audio streams to enable remotely located or software based DSP to be applied to incoming microphone and program audio as well as stream to Dante enabled amplifiers or speakers.

Content composition to suit the destination

Enable multiple content sources to be merged into one content canvas and distributed concurrently to physical displays and digital applications.

Enhancing the learning environment with AI

Think image correction, gesture recognition and more!

Stay current as the pedagogy evolves

Teaching methods, tools and platforms are constantly evolving. Enable your classroom technology to consistenly select best of breed solutions without significant uplift in cost.

Scale with the dynamic needs of your campus

Leverage a SaaS model to ensure your institution is benefiting from a flexible and scalable licensing consumption model. Only pay for what you need and when you need it ensuring cost efficiencies are maximised.

Rapid and iterative feature enhancements

A software alternative means feature enhancements are developed and deployed at a faster pace than fixed architecture hardware solutions.

Using an agile methodology ensures iterative models can be issued for customer feedback ensuring new features provide real value to our customers.